How to Enter Items Into A & S ~Alicia

For those who are arts-and-sciences minded . . .

Kingdom of the Desert Winds Cookbook

Although the title may seem like something unnecessary to learn, this is actually something a lot of people don’t understand how to do. At first thought the answer is probably ‘bring something to a competition and then enter the item with whoever is running the competition,’ but if you want to score well, it takes more than just making stuff. There are a few do’s and don’ts with entering any item into the competition that need to be done first. Although it’s not against any rules to enter an item exactly how you want to, there are some more guidelines that the judges follow when determining a score. I will be giving these rules in no particular order of importance because they are all important.

Rule 1 – The write up. What I mean by this is a piece of paper/card that goes with the item, giving a name of…

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How to Raise Funds for Amtgard ~Daenen

Very important!

Kingdom of the Desert Winds Cookbook

Amtgard, where your Imagination is Period. We fight monsters, rescue damsels, slay villains – or become them. We protect our monarchy from nefarious assassins, or strike them down to make them pay for their heinous deeds. We make things for ourselves, or others. We help each other out. Whatever your role, we all strive to make the game better in our own way.

The problem is, we live in the real world, and the real world requires money. Since Amtgard is a NPO, and not a pay-to-play, we have to do fundraisers to help pay for the things we want. There are many ways to raise funds for Amtgard, but we’re going to focus on three, all of which I’ve found successful.

Demos where you sell Garb and Weapons – This one is the most obvious, but it can require a bit of an investment to get started. Basically, you…

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The Basics of Leadership in Amtgard ~ Neobrood

Also for those interested in leadership!

Kingdom of the Desert Winds Cookbook


Leadership Defined: The United States Army defines Leadership as: the ability to guide others to accomplish a goal in the manner desired.


Why we lead:


The function of group officers is not to be in charge, not to power trip, not for the attention etc. you’re there to make it possible for everyone else to have a good time. You serve the group. You only have power because they gave it to you. Remember with great power comes great responsibility (eat your heart out spider man). Always strive to do your best for the group and to improve it in any way you can. It is important that you go into office with a clear view of why you are leading. Remember it is everyone’s job to make the game a better place and we should all do that however and whenever we can. That is how we…

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Positive Thinking and Amtgard Leadership ~Neobrood

Anyone interested in Monarchy? 🙂

Kingdom of the Desert Winds Cookbook



   Extensive studies show that positive emotions and thinking can influence an organization in ways that we may not realize. In this publication I will

address why it is essential, as a leader to know:

1 – Why positivity is important to leadership and park growth.

2   – How negativity can damage park growth and how to deal with negativity- the positive way.

3 – How you can foster a positive environment in your corner of Amtgard- in and out of office.

4 – Things to keep in mind when awarding the populace (as they relate to positive thinking)

1 – Why positivity is important to leadership and park growth:

Positive thinking can:

Fuel park resilience and support the populace in hard times.

– Transform people for the better- which in turn supports the game.

– Broadens thinking, creating new lines of thought and action.

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About Amtgard

About Amtgard

A lot of folks who manage to find this blog probably have no idea what in the world Amtgard is. Well, a brief explanation is that it’s an awesome live-action roleplaying game (or LARP) that spans the entirety of the United States. Is your interest piqued yet?

Here are some great resources that’ll help you learn about Amtgard . . .

I hope that you find these links useful!

Also, if you have any questions about any of these Web sites or suggestions for additional resources to add to this list, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I do know quite a bit about Amtgard, too, and I’d be happy to explain anything that might be confusing (or at least get you in touch with another Amtgarder/resource who/that can help you out)!