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Why, hello there!

My name is Pumyra Bloodfangs. I happen to be a second-generation member of a LARP (or live-action roleplaying game) called Amtgard. I’m a huge nerd, and there isn’t anything that I love more than mountain lions (also known as pumas, cougars, Florida panthers, catamounts, and more) or ThunderCats. You won’t find anyone who loves puma cats or the ThunderCats more than I do, either! It just isn’t possible; when I love something, I love it with all of my being, and so you’d be hard-pressed to find another person who shares my level of passion.

I’m also completely obsessed with animals. People are, in general, cruel and horrible beings. Animals are never bad; to quote another of my favorite things, Pokémon, the Trainer (in this case, human) is bad, not the Pokémon. The Pokémon is just following orders or behaving as it was taught to behave. In our world, animals who seem “bad” have just been taught, through experience, that humans are evil and need to be feared, and they behave accordingly in order to protect themselves. For these reasons, I much prefer animals over humans. But, anyway, I digress.

In addition to my adoration of animals, I love to write, draw, and sing, and I generally consider myself to be very artistic. I’m pretty good at just doing things, so I often won’t research whatever projects I have in mind. I have a lot of fun learning on the fly in that way. However, I’m starting to get better about researching before I start working, and my talents have been vastly improving whenever I’m mindful enough to make that change. Even so, I guess you could say that I tend to be pretty laissez-faire and impulsive about most things. I’m also an extreme perfectionist, though, so I’ve got some weird personality traits going on!

Now that you know me a bit better, I’d just like to take a moment to thank you for visiting my blog. This is a fun project that I want to use in order to document as many as possible of the various things that I create and random thoughts that I have. More often than not, the things documented will revolve around Amtgard, but you might see a more personal entry every once in a while, too. I hope you don’t mind!

If you’d like to see more of my projects or learn more about me, you’ll find me on deviantART, the AmtWiki, and the Electric Samurai!

And, once again, thank you for visiting my blog!



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