Fifth Anniversary

Fifth Anniversary

My boyfriend and I have (eep!) been dating for 5 years, now! Well, it will be 5 years on February 23rd, to be more precise. What a huge milestone in our relationship! To celebrate, I wanted to do something really special. I always get him things he really likes (e.g., Magic: The Gathering cards, comic book memorabilia, etc.), but I’ve never given him any kind of keepsake.

Browsing suggestions for 5 year anniversary gift ideas eventually led me to my love, Etsy (I’m totally addicted to window shopping the handmade wares found therein), and I managed to find something awesome: A photo mat with the lyrics to Incubus’ “Dig”. That did it! I had to make my own.

Since we’ve been together for so long (5 times 4 is, of course, 20, so Jay and I have been a couple for exactly 1/4th of our lives!), we have several songs that are special to our relationship, but I think the one that speaks to us the most has to be “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers, so I chose to use that song instead of “Dig”. I grabbed some of my favorite pictures of us together, found the official lyrics, added a spiffy background and a few extra elements, and woolah!

This is the finished product:

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I used a combination of GIMP and Pixlr to edit all of the individual elements of the print together. I was so excited to be able to give this to Jay yesterday! He just loved it. Hooray!


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