Pumyra’s Floral Wreath

Pumyra's Floral Wreath

I’ve been going to the Ren. Faire ever since I can remember, nearly every year, but I’ve never found a floral wreath that I really love. I don’t know why, but I got a crafting bug bite and felt the need to make one! I ended up finding a great tutorial in order to do so, found all of the elements I’ve always dreamed of, and then crafted it! I think it turned out really well, too.

Here are some pictures of the finished project . . .

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The flowers I chose for myself are my very favorites: Blue roses and white tulips (tulips, unfortunately, do not occur in any shade of blue, at least not naturally—and blue is my favorite color, too). In addition to the flowers, I also used pine boughs to represent my ties to and love of Colorado.

My woman-at-arms sister, Locks, likes this silly thing well enough that she asked me to make one for her! Stay tuned, if you’d like, because I’ll eventually be posting it to this blog (after I find the time to make it, that is).



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