How to Raise Funds for Amtgard ~Daenen

Very important!

Kingdom of the Desert Winds Cookbook

Amtgard, where your Imagination is Period. We fight monsters, rescue damsels, slay villains – or become them. We protect our monarchy from nefarious assassins, or strike them down to make them pay for their heinous deeds. We make things for ourselves, or others. We help each other out. Whatever your role, we all strive to make the game better in our own way.

The problem is, we live in the real world, and the real world requires money. Since Amtgard is a NPO, and not a pay-to-play, we have to do fundraisers to help pay for the things we want. There are many ways to raise funds for Amtgard, but we’re going to focus on three, all of which I’ve found successful.

Demos where you sell Garb and Weapons – This one is the most obvious, but it can require a bit of an investment to get started. Basically, you…

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