The Basics of Leadership in Amtgard ~ Neobrood

Also for those interested in leadership!

Kingdom of the Desert Winds Cookbook


Leadership Defined: The United States Army defines Leadership as: the ability to guide others to accomplish a goal in the manner desired.


Why we lead:


The function of group officers is not to be in charge, not to power trip, not for the attention etc. you’re there to make it possible for everyone else to have a good time. You serve the group. You only have power because they gave it to you. Remember with great power comes great responsibility (eat your heart out spider man). Always strive to do your best for the group and to improve it in any way you can. It is important that you go into office with a clear view of why you are leading. Remember it is everyone’s job to make the game a better place and we should all do that however and whenever we can. That is how we…

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